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SPS&C napkin sketchIn 2002 I founded South Pacific Software & Consulting with a just a simple concept in mind.  I wanted to build a technology company that I would some day run remotely from a laptop on a beach in the South Pacific.  With my 44 foot sailboat anchored nearby relaying the signal to an overhead satellite, which in turn would connect back to my Seattle-based servers.  So there you have it.  That's where the name originated.

At the time I'd had already owned the boat for a few years and the dream seemed to be well within reach.  After a dozen more years of living on the boat and running this business remotely from various Seattle area marinas, I changed my plans and sold the boat.  My "Doing Business As" moniker at that point had been well established, so I retained the business brand despite no longer still owning my original floating "Office."At the office

One thing that hasn't changed, is even though I run this business from a small home office, the computer equipment hosting this website and those belonging to my clients, is hand selected and owned by me. I monitor and operate these professional-class servers just as I would for the bigger companies I've previously worked for like and and more currently a stable for Drupal based websites fro WSU's Main lab.

Back in 2002, keeping in mind that satellite communication meant that at times my servers might just have to run securely one-their-own at times, I chose OpenBSD, widely regarded as the most secure and stable Operating System available.  I wanted security to play a major role at the forefront of every decision, but to make it as transparent and painless to my clients as humanly possible. This was a founding principle, the kicks-butt (sorry, Mom) performance that followed was a natural by-product.  The approach is simple, but there was also a different sort of thinking going on here. First and foremost is that bullet-proof security is priority number One. The rest is sophisticated yet practical applications of appropriate technology. You can see my motivation is this... I thought that someday I'd be running this thing from the beach in the South Pacific.

Still further back.... I have been a computer nerd since 1984 and my first Apple IIc computer. By the early 1990's, it was PC's, of course, and my hobby/obsession was now a career. Professionally, I began on the bottom rungs doing hardware PC and printer field support for a company called Vanstar. Over the years I've held quite a number of positions in the IT field. Tech writer. Systems Administrator. Systems Analyst. Instructor. A couple more Systems Administrator positions.

Along the way in 1996 I discovered Linux, and a whole new rush of excitement of working with computers again.  It was a lot like learning DOS had been years earlier, only way better! I was immediately hooked and have been a strong advocate for its virtues ever since. As a vocal member and participant of Open Source community, I know there is a vast amount of really great software available for free.  The real trick though is determining the good from the not-so-good and knowing how to apply it.  As a consulting practice, SPS&CThe logo of my very first website drawn from scratch. intends to be on the leading edge of installing and supporting the various F/OSS --Free/Open Source Software solutions available to small businesses.  This is my real area of passion, offering the small businessman a choice and viable alternatives to Microsoft® products without all the hype, licensing and multitude of security issues.  Stuff that works and works really well.  Heck, I have even converted my 70+ year old mother and her 80+ year old companion compute system over to using Linux.  How much more mainstream can THAT be?

Back in 1984, the year I bought my first computer I also bought my first serious 35mm camera and started snapping pictures.  Although I primarily market my computing skills these days, I also have taken a whole lot of pictures over the years, good and bad, nd literally around the world.  I have enjoyed success in recent years using digital cameras to produce images used to sell everything imaginable, --puppies to motor homes.  Pictures are after all just another form of software these days.  I invite you to visit another of my Web sites,, as you never know what you might find for sale there. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Larry A. Barr - May, 2015